It started with scientific discoveries in Finland

In 2019, Finnish researchers made a breakthrough in water electrolysis technology, which enabled the production of both ozone and oxygen radicals from tap water.

A year later, Argo, Merike, Kuno and Paal from neighboring Estonia visited Finland and were instantly amazed by the invention. That is when TesHub was born to bring this affordable science to the masses.

Ozone is a gas naturally present in our atmosphere that has many benefits for the environment. Ozone helps to protect the earth from UV-rays and, dissolved in water, rains down, cleaning the air, helps fight plants diseases and provides clean drinking water for wildlife.

Although ozone is one of the most natural and effective disinfectants that has been used in water treatment plants for decades, it was only recently that the world learned to make this potential accessible to everyone.

TesHub is an official retailer of products using EORG technology.

Story of our name

TesHub stands for the Hurrian god of sky, thunder and storms.

Why? Imagine the familiar scent of freshness you feel when you step outside after a thunderstorm. Did you know this scent comes from the ozone that is produced by lightning?

Our first product line copies the same process by turning regular water into ozonated water through man-made electrolysis technology. Inspired by nature, we are dedicated to introducing cleaner and safer sanitizing products to support your quest for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

TesHub is on a mission to become No.1 Hub of technological novelties for clean and safe environments and healthier lifestyles!

Smaller carbon footprint 

Our products offer a sustainable alternative to traditional cleansing solutions. Unlock the power of nature through our multi-purpose and multi-use products!

Healthier lifestyle

Our products represent chemical-free cleansing solutions and easy to adapt habits towards healthy and safe environments!

Affordable science

Our products are innovative and bring cutting-edge science to your fingertips!